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Dekuki and his Miracles

Dekuki was a man of love, a man of many miracles, a man who had many good qualities. He would watch the world as if he were the moon watching the world below. Soul searchers were enlightened by him. He would not stay in one place for too long. As a visitor to a new village he would not stay for more than two nights at a time. He would say “If I visit a home for more than two nights at a time I become enflamed with the love in that home. I refrain from the feeling conceited and too proud so I tell my soul to move on before I become addicted to worldly things. I tell my heart to move on in search of reformation”.


During the day Dekuki would walk and journey; and during the night he would pray and meditate. He was detached from the community, not because he felt that he was better than them, but so that he could refrain from getting emotionally attached in order to continue his endless spiritual search. He would show the community love and assist them as water assists the human body, and his prayers were always accepted.

Dekuki was almost always the community leader in prayers and spiritual matters. It was said that his spiritual guidance had outdone the guidance of a pure angel. However even though his spiritual enlightenment was far beyond any fellow human being he continually pursued his journeys in search of fellow humans, whose spiritual reformation was beyond his own.  At the beginning of each journey he would pray “Dear God, please lead me to your pure followers and allow me to befriend them”.  His search for pure enlightened friendships came from his own purity; and for this he searched endlessly.

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At times he spoke of his journeys: “On one particular occasion I was desperate to meet someone who was truly loved by God, someone whose soul was truly enlightened. I was desperate to find divinity in any living molecule. I began to walk; I walked and walked and walked until day became night. All of a sudden I found myself at the edge of the ocean. I looked around and in the distance I could see seven candles burning brightly, and so I began to run towards them. The divinity of the candles burned so brightly that their reflection could be seen in the night sky. I was in awe, as I was aware, that I was the only one who could see this divinity occurring and those in the distance village could not.  I said to myself ‘God shows his divinity to those who truly want to see it’. And before I knew it the candles burning in the distance reflected through the night sky as one candle burning brightly. I knew that this mysticism was a sign from God and so I began to run towards the candles. As I drew nearer to them I realised that the seven candles became one. I cannot explain the experience of watching the seven candles become one and then seven again. It was pure brilliance. I ran back and forth and eventually feeling exhausted I found myself on the ground. When I was able to regain my strength I looked up again towards the candles and to my utter amazement the events that followed were what some would describe as pure miracle. The candles that went from seven to one and then seven again had now turned into seven divine men!  And then the seven men turned into seven fruit trees. The branches of the trees were overflowing with fruits, so overflowing in fact that it had become difficult to see the leaves. The fruits had become so mature that they began to split open and pure divine light had begun to flow from them. But what was more amazing was that even though there were men travelling through the area I was in no one but I could see to the events occurring at that time; but I could see everything! When I looked again at the seven trees I could now see them forming into one tree and then again into seven trees and before I knew it they again became seven men formed in a line ready for prayer. I went forth next to them and gave greetings of peace. They knew who I was and had asked me to lead the prayer, feeling extremely honoured, I accepted to lead the Morning Prayer and we prepared to pray together”.

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While Dekuki was leading the Morning Prayer a voice in the distance yelled “HELP”. All of a sudden he could see a ship in the distance. The ship had become engulfed in the raging ocean storm and looked as if it was going to sink. All of the crew members were praying and begging God for help. When Dekuki saw the events unfolding before his very eyes he began to meditate and pray to God to save them. Before too long the storm withdrew and the ship sailed to shore. Dekuki’s prayers were accepted once again. The crew members set foot on solid ground and stood behind Dekuki to join in the morning prayers.  During the prayer Dekuki could hear whispers from the crew members “what is this man doing?”, “is this a different type of prayer?”.  Once Deduki had finished leading the prayers he looked behind him to see what was going on, but when he turned around he had seen that the seven divine men and all the saved crew members had disappeared. He felt a deep loss in his heart for those he had just met.


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