İngilizce’de ‘Requests, invitations and suggestions’

Requests, invitations and suggestions

A Requests and replies

We use different expressions to introduce a request – it depends who we are talking to, and the ‘size’ of the request (‘big’ or ‘small’). These are some of the most common (the ‘small’ requests first), with suitable positive and negative replies.

A: Could you pass me the salt? A: Could I (possibly) borrow your dictionary?

B: Yes, sure.                                                B: Yes, of course, or Yes, help yourself (= yes, take it) or

Go ahead.

A: Do you think you could possibly lend me two or three pounds?

B: Yes sure or I’m afraid I can’t.

ingilizce how many ornek cumleler

I’m afraid not.

I  wish I could but, / I’m sorry but,

A: I was wondering if I could (possibly) leave work half an hour early today, or Would you mind if I left work …

B: Yeah, no problem, or Well I’d rather you didn’t (actually), because …

B Invitations and replies

A: Would you like to go out this evening?

B: Yeah great / lovely / I’d love to or I’m sorry I can’t.

A: We’re going to a restaurant and we were wondering
if you’d like to come with us?

: I’d love to, but I’m afraid I can’t.

Oh, I’m afraid I have to look after my younger sister.


C Suggestions and replies

Here are some common ways of asking for and making suggestions (= ideas for things to do/say/make, etc.) and suitable replies.

Asking for suggestions

What shall we do tonight? Where shall we go this evening?

Making suggestions

ingilizce zaman edatlari kullanimi

How about (or what about) going to the cinema? (Note: How/What about + -ing)

We could go to the leisure centre and watch the basketball.

Why don’t we try that new club in the main square?


Yeah, great / fine / OK / that’s a good idea.

Yeah, if you like. (= if you want to go, then I am happy to go)

Yes, I don’t mind. (= I have no preference)

I  think I’d rather (= I would prefer to) go out for a meal.

Note: In this situation, learners often say ‘it’s the same for me’. We don’t use this expression in English; we say I don’t mind.

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