İngilizce’de ‘Make, do, have, take’

İngilizce’de bu fiiller ile birçok ortak ifadeler vardır. Genellikle uygulamalar diğer dillerden farklıdır. Örneklerimizi dikkatlice inceleyin lütfen:

He made a few mistakes in the exam.

I had to make my own dinner last night.

He made a lot of money when he worked in America.

ingilizce kisi ve nesne zamirleri ornek cumleler

It’s not always easy to make friends in a foreign country. We can the red ones or the green ones, but we must make a decision (choose the red or green) before 6 p.m. I can’t work when the children make a lot of noise, progress (U) (= improvement) Her English is good now; she has made a lot of progress.

B Things we

homework (U)

the housework (U) (= cleaning) subjects (= study subjects) a course

the shopping (= buy food) research (U) (= detailed study in one subject)

(someone) a favour (= do something to help someone) something/anything/nothing

C Things we have

a rest (= relax / do nothing) food (= eat food) and drink a drink (= drink something) a bath/shower a party

a baby (= be pregnant or give birth) a (nice/great/terrible) time

D Things we take

They had a long rest after the game.

I had steak but Paul just had a cup of tea.

Let’s have a drink before dinner.

I  always have a bath when I get up.

I’m having a party for my birthday.

Mary is having a baby next month.

We had a very nice time in Switzerland last year.

I’m going to take four exams next month.

She took lots of photos on holiday.

I’m not very good at taking decisions.

ingilizce incase

I’m just going to take a shower before lunch. We were late, so we took a taxi to the airport. Note: Notice the use of be + adjective [NOT have t noun] in these expressions: She was lucky I’m hungry (= I want to eat) I’m thirsty (= I want a drink)

1     I couldn’t do/make the homework last night.

2      She’s going to make/have a party for her birthday.

3      Did he do/make many mistakes?

4      I often make/do the housework.

5      Did you make/take many photos?

6      When do you take/do your next exam?

7      I want to do/make a course in English.

8     We must take/make a decision soon.

9      He is doing/making research in chemistry.

10     They did/made a lot of noise during the party.


1      I usually buy my food on Saturday morning.

2     They both want to become rich.

3     When are they going to decide?

4     I think she enjoyed herself last night.

5         She is definitely improving. How many driving lessons has she had now?


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