İngilizce Metinler : Timing is Everything

Sometimes we procrastinate because we schedule things at the wrong time. After college I wanted to get into an exercise routine. I wanted to start with 30 minutes of jogging right after I got out of bed. I never did it. I, like you, am a wizard of rationalization. We all are. I didn’t feel like bursting out the door every morning, so I talked myself out of it. I procrastinated.
Then something happened. A friend asked if I wanted to run with her at night, after work. With nothing better to do, I agreed. It hit me after we got back. I enjoyed exercising at night–why not change my schedule?
Instead of planning a morning jog that I knew would never happen, I decided on a nightly routine. It worked. As simple as it sounds, this change in timing changed everything. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to exercise; it was that I chose the wrong time to do it.
What tasks or chores are you putting off that could be moved around in your schedule? Test some changes. You’ll be surprised at what a little tweak in timing can do.


Bonus Tip!
Sometimes, but only sometimes, we put something off because it’s not important. Our brains are trying to help us. Unimportant or not, though, the burden of procrastination can still weigh us down.

The solution? Delete.

Ask yourself, Do I really need to do this? What would happen if you cut it from the list and never looked back?

If the world won’t end, or if your life won’t be more than a trifle affected, press delete.

You’ll free yourself from the burden of procrastination and enjoy the bliss that comes from crossing something off your list.

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