İngilizce Kişilerin Karakterlerini Tanımlayan Kelimeler, Sıfatlar ve Örnek Cümleler

Aşağıda yer alan sıfatları inceleyelim:

Kelime Türkçesi Kelime Türkçesi
beautiful güzel happy mutlu
lazy tembel polite kibar
generous cömert hard-working çalışkan
mean cimri rude kaba
handsome yakışıklı intelligent akıllı
miserable sefil stupid aptal

Aşağıda yer alan örnek cümleleri inceleyelim:

  • He looks like a film-star. Every girl in the office wants to go out with him. He is very handsome.
  • She finds it very easy to learn things and has passed all her exams. She is extremely intelligent.
  • She is always buying things for people. She is very generous.
  • He hates working and would prefer to stay at home all day in front of the television. He is so lazy.
  • He doesn’t know anything. He can’t even add up two and four. He is so stupid.
  • The children next-door are so rude. They never say `Please’ or `Thank you’ and always shout back at their parents.
  • He is always smiling and thinks life is wonderful. He seems to be really happy.
  • He starts work at 6.00 every day and often works overtime or at weekends. He is really hard-working.
  • She works as a model. When she walks into a room every man turns and stares at her. She is really beautiful.
  • He hates spending money and never buys anyone a drink at the pub. He is so mean.
  • She always says `Please’ and `Thank you’. She is a very polite child.
  • She never has a smile on her face and always looks unhappy. She is so miserable.

Aşağıdaki tabloda yer alan sıfatları inceleyelim:

Kelime Türkçesi Kelime Türkçesi
ambitious hırslı impatient sabırsız
selfish bencil sociable sosyal
boring can sıkıcı jealous kıskanç
shy utangaç tidy derli toplu
imaginative yaratıcı patient sabırlı


Aşağıda yer alan örnek cümleleri inceleyelim:

  • Everything is always in the right place in his room and on his desk. He is really tidy.
  • She finds it very easy to make up stories to tell her children, and can always think of new ideas. She is so imaginative.
  • He only ever thinks of himself. He is really selfish.
  • She wants to get a top job one day and even talks about becoming Prime Minister. She is extremely ambitious.
  • He hates waiting for people or trains and can’t stand it when things don’t happen immediately. He is very impatient.
  • He loves going to parties and meeting people. He is very sociable.
  • The only thing she ever talks about is golf. I almost fell asleep listening to her. She is so oring.
  • He never shouts at us and will explain things over and over again until we understand them. He is very patient.
  • She doesn’t like meeting strange people and usually feels nervous and uncomfortable at parties. She is extremely shy.
  • She gets very angry if her husband looks at or dances with another woman. She is extremely jealous.

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