İngilizce En Çok Kullanılan Fiiller

Bu yazımızda ingilizcede en çok kullanılan filleri göreceğiz. İlk olarak aşağıdaki tabloda bazı filleri ve onlarla yapılabilecek eylemleri görelim:

answer the phone, a question
bake a cake
close a doori a window
cook a meal
cut things with a knife
dig the garden
fail an exam, driving test
light a pipe, a fire
look at the blackboard
play the guitar, tennis
post a letter
speak two languages
switch on/off the light
tell a story
wear a dress

Aşağıdaki tabloda yer alan fiilleri cümle içinde kullanalım:

move remember take
hate need sign
talk keep promise
smell think lose
put stay understand
meet recognize want
    • Do you remember John’s address?
    • Yes, it’s 27 Wood Lane.

    • How long are you going to stay in Paris?
    • About ten days altogether.

    • She told me to put the milk and eggs in the fridge.
    • Do you think it will rain tomorrow?
    • Oh, I hope not.
    • Could you talk more slowly, please?
    • Mario doesn’t speak very well.

    • Do you like football?
    • No, I



  • He had a thick, black beard so we didn’t recognize him at first.
  • Where did you meet your husband?
  • On a number 17 bus.

  • She gave me a pen and asked me to sign my name.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Alive and very rich.

  • She asked me to take her books back to the library.
  • Will you promise to phone me as soon as you arrive?
  • Yes, of course I will.

  • We’re going to leave London and move to North Wales when we’re 65.
  • I don’t speak French very well, but I understand quite a lot.
  • Can you smell something burning?
  • Oh dear! I forgot to switch off the oven!

  • He gave the taxi-driver $10 and told him to keep the change.
  • If you study hard, you should pass all your exams in the summer.
  • You need to be very strong and fit to be a ballet dancer.
  • I don’t like playing tennis because I always lose Even my grandmother beats me!


 Aşağıda yer alan fiilleri cümle içinde kullanalım:
agree earn know
sell borrow explain
learn start call
forget let thank
cost hear live
travel describe help
prefer wait find
    • She tried to explain why she was late.
    • I’d like to thank everyone for helping me with the party.
    • Do you like jazz?
    • No, I


      pop music.

    • Is there anyone in the class who doesn’t know what the word ‘greedy’ means?
    • I think women are much better drives than men are.
    • Yes, I



  • How much does this book cost,please?
  • $8.99.

  • When did you learn to drive?
  • When I was seventeen.

  • I’m going to sell my house. Do you know anyone who wants to buy it?
  • Will you let me kiss you if I ask you to marry me?
  • Can you describe what the man looked like, sir?
  • Well, officer, he was tall and well-built with fair hair and a moustache.

  • My mother always gets very upset if I forget to send her a card on her birthday.
  • I live in Wales now. But I was born in New Zealand.
  • I won’t be long. Can you wait for me?
  • How much does a teacher earn in this country?
  • About $20,000 a year, I think.

  • He asked us to help him move the piano.
  • We usually travel by air when we visit our son in Germany.
  • We have decided to call our daughter Amanda, after her grandmother.
  • Could you speak louder, please? We can’t hear at the back?
  • What time does the film start ?
  • If you need money, you can always try to borrow some from the bank.
  • I’ve lost my lighter. Can You help me to find it?

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